Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Leader, and Baseball / Football Coach Chris Jeffrey’s at Creekview High School, FBLA President Melaney Reed and other FBLA Leaders made and delivered baskets of homemade and store bought goodies for the Fireman at Circle 5 Fire Department in Macedonia and the Freehome Fire Department & Sheriff’s Office Sunday, September 11th. cherokee-cirle-five-fire-dept-visit-9-11-2016They were so appreciative to the FBLA group as they recognized them for their service to our community on 9-11. On behalf of Calvary Baptist Church they also presented each station with 8 free tickets and flyers to come out and join us for Calvary’s Outdoor Banquet on Sept 24th, 5-8pm. The firemen and officers said to tell the church, “Thank You” for this kind gesture.cherokee-fire-and-police-visit-9-11-2016