God’s will is not just for you to be born again but to become a spiritual adult. This requires intentional cooperation with the Holy Spirit through various stages and seasons of life. The process may be painful at times. But it’s much easier to endure if you know why it’s happening. This six-session Bible study will help you understand sanctification and maximize God’s work to conform you into the image of Christ.

Session titles:

  • 1. Gospel Growth
  • 2. The Holy Spirit’s Role in Our Growth
  • 3. Faith and Repentance
  • 4. Grown by the Word of God
  • 5. Prayer and Strongholds
  • 6. The Role of Suffering in Sanctification


  • Biblically rooted and gospel-centered content
  • Leader tips
  • Individual study opportunities for continued spiritual growth
  • Group and personal components
  • Benefits:

Understand how God uses the different seasons and circumstances of life to shape us more into the image of Jesus.
Learn how the gospel encourages, convicts, and empowers us to grow in Christ-likeness.
Get a greater understanding of the Holy Spirit’s role in sanctification.
Explore ways the Word of God equips us to grow into more mature believers.
Learn how to approach God in prayer, based on biblical models and examples from church history.
Understand the role spiritual strongholds play in sanctification.
Help other believers actively pursue personal holiness.