Looking to stay up-to-date with all that’s going on here at Calvary? Check out our Facebook at:


Or – Join our text messaging service called Flocknote – or if you prefer Flocknote can send you email (see below). Signing up for Flocknote is very simple.

  1. Just send text (exactly as it appears here Upper and lower case) CBCBallground to this 5-digit phone number 84576.
  2. Once you do that, you will receive a confirmation message AND a message asking you to click a link to complete. Click the link.
  3.  The clicked link will take you to Calvary’s Flocknote signup. Simply enter your information and click SAVE.
  4. Click the groups you’d like to get updates from. You can choose things like prayer, Amplify, etc. and then click NEXT.
  5. If it asks you to enter a password—simply exit—there is no need for to create a password.
  6. Flocknote will send you an email confirmation to the email address you provided and simply click that email and you are all set.If you can’t complete this on your mobile phone; you don’t have an unlimited texting plan; or you would rather just get email, please go online to:


    From there it is the same as above to sign up. Just put your email address not mobile number if you don’t want texting.

    If you want to get emails go into your email that you put in as your email address and confirm you email with Flocknote by clicking the link that Flocknote sends you in your email.